FEDERICO InspoNews - News & Music Channel Published on Mar 14, 2018 Mike Pence is another George Bush Neocon and has upped his PR campaign this week by playing the victim of Joy Bahr (The View) & by presuming to be the defender of Christianity based on a superficial silly comment made by a idiotic talk show host. While everyone is looking the other way he has been pushing for Muslim immigration in USA - far more dangerous to true Christians everywhere than his mild. self serving rebuke of a crazy comment by Joy Bahr. Clever on Mike's part but he needs to major on majors and not on minors. Islam poses a lethal threat to Christianity in the WEST. Mike keeps pushing the COWARD Jeff Sessions right in the faces of an unsuspecting, CPAC crowd & misleading goodhearted but misinformed, conservatives who then stood and applauded the globalist. Meanwhile, after 14 months 72 witnesses, 260 hours of testimony, 360,000 docs submitted, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has concluded NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION or conspiracy with the Trump campaign. So then why is Pence still promoting an AG who refuses to fire Mueller and Rosenstein and have them investigated along with Hillary? Instead, this pompous PENCE leads a cheer for Sessions screaming - "Don't you love that Jeff Sessions,"? To that these useful idiots at CPAC gave a thunderous applause & hearty approval to the silver haired conservative phony. Mike Pence tricks again. He's another George H. Bush I tell you. Of course, the CPAC GOP establishment regulars loved it. But NOT President Trump. The President does not agree at all with pence. And despite Jeff Sessions PR play to the conservative Trump base for excoriating the recalcitrant Sanctuary city mayor of Oakland Ca. We at InspoNews are not impressed with Sessions- UNTIL HE FIRES DEEP STATE GLOBALIST TRAITORS Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller - both Hellbent to destroy the Trump presidency and the nationalists MAGA movement with it. Maybe Sessions will change and do the right thing—the important thing- END the witch hunt of this hard working President and his family and friends. Half of the administration has left the West Wing as a result of Mueller intimidation. This all started when Pence conspired with Obama & Susan Rice to destroy the nationalist anti-Islamist patriot General Mike Flynn - who as former intelligence chief of DOD would have protected your good and decent President. When Sessions saw what pence did to a 3 star General, we believe it forced him into cowardly submission to the Deep State and to keep globalist traitors Rosenstein and McCabe, Strzok and others employed at FBI & DOJ. All these Trump haters are still there virtually and working to destroy this presidency. Sessions let the Fox in the hen house! He started the whole investigation by silencing himself. It was a pure act of EVIL and treachery for Sessions to turn over the DOJ to globalist Bushite Trump hating Rosenstein who could not wait to loose the Trump hating NWO executioner Bob Mueller on the president and his family and friends, DISGUSTING that even after the president voiced his extreme displeasure at AG Sessions- that Pence at CPAC would be so audacious, rude and treasonous to your President to lead a cheer and pep rally for Sessions,. So what if he talks harshly to the Mayor of Oakland Ca.? So what id he arrests some pedos and M13 gang members?. Those may be good tings but they don't distract from the threat Mueller poses to this hard working president. on the biggest issue facing our nation today- Sessions went AWOL. Pence adds insult to injury as the useful idiots at CPAC (many GOP regulars did not vote fro Trump there)stood and cheered the traitor Pence - whose condescending self righteous wife Karen is so wishing that "her husband" can be made President ASAP- they and their cheap flattery - Eddie and Edie Haskells! Mike Pence knows he's just a heartbeat or impeachment from the coveted presidency- this weak, compromising, globalist friend of Lindsey Graham, John McCain ...Who during the election in 2016 said of President Trump that he was a "vile man". Yes Mike & Karen - cheer on the coward Sessions right in the face of CPAC members. Cheer on the man who let the Mueller fox in the hen house and won't investigate Hillary and the real Russian collusion. Cheer on the coward AG who refuses to do the right thing and protect this innocent president from a legal assault by Deep State NWO Mueller and his tainted attack team. Yet Pence speaks of his own own honor and humility while praising Sessions- a man who allowed a Nazi Inquisition to chase away Trump family and friends while targeting the Commander in Chief. Have you no shame Karen and Mike pence?https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/des...


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