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Hillary Clinton's Greatest Scandal Postby ArgueMax » Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:08 am

I find it fascinating that, what I would regard as, the least important of reasons why a politician's career is sunk is the one that the public latch on to and use to denounce a beloved candidate whom they put all their hopes and passions into.

I believe that the reasons why Hillary Clinton should be disregarded as a presidential candidate should include:

She did not achieve anything noteworthy as Secretary of State, or as Senator or even as First Lady. At times she has demonstrated that she is incapable of making intelligent and rational decisions. She is unwilling to compromise or work with people or admit when she is wrong on an issue or subject. The is verbally abusive to her staff and, on at least one occasion, physically abusive in an event collaborated by eye witnesses in The Secret Service. She says things that only a radical communist would say. She is not the same person in private as she is in public. She will only debate, discuss or interview with people that she and her staff has determined will only ask her soft-ball questions on topics that do not really matter.

But all this is not what is important to the voting public.

The most damaging thing to a politicians career is marital infidelity.

There has been an open secret in the Clinton camp for decades. It has been known in the Clinton inner circle and, to a degree, among many people in Little Rock. It has never been mentioned in the main stream media partly because of the political bias in the media and partly because it involved Hillary, not Bill and no one votes for the First Lady. Since Hillary was never really close to even securing the Democratic Nomination in 2008, it was not necessary to drag out this unseemly and personal family issue.

But the scandal mentioned in this document will torpedo Hillary's hopes to be president just as Gary Hart's presidency was torpedoed in the 1980's.

The last time Gary Hart ran for president, his popularity was so great that he was regarded as a “shoe in“ for the presidency (does that sound familiar?). But the chances that he could be the president went from certain to impossible because of his affair with Donna Rice.

I have to say at this point that, no, Hillary's scandal does NOT involve Gary Hart or Donna Rice. I have to write this as a preemptive strike against what I can foresee will be some of the responses to this document. I only mention the Hart case as an example how, when someone is running for president, a revelation of infidelity can destroy the candidate's chances.

Hillary's scandal happened long ago and this fact is the response I sometimes receive from Liberal Democrats who tell me it is “ancient history”. It would be regarded as unimportant and “ancient history” if Hillary was just the First Lady, Secretary of State or even a Senator, but she is reaching for the icon status of The President of the United States now and this is really the first real time that she has any chance. And, as fate would have it, the American public is now clearly demonstrating that ancient history does matter when someone is to be raised to an iconic status. This is because of what is currently happening now, as of November, 2014, to Bill Cosby.

For those who do not know or do not remember how Bill Cosby has recently been transformed from highly beloved celebrity into a man who is hated as if he was a lowly criminal, let me explain how this happened. The "First Annual Comedy Awards" along with the publication of Mark Whitaker's book, "Cosby: His Life and Times" was the first step in Cosby's downfall. For years, the entertainment industry had been voicing the need to have some sort of annual comedy awards show and presentation separate from the Oscars and the Emmys. It was long overdue and I have no idea what took so long for this to materialize but this year was the first year that this happened. Like similar awards such as the Oscars, it was decided that the crowing crescendo of the televised program would be a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. And this award went to Cosby. Also this year, Mark Whitaker wrote a book about Cosby's life and was on the talk show circuit. The rumors that Bill Cosby had legal problems with women that was settled out of court was common knowledge and an open secret to anyone who was watched Bill Cosby's career closely. In fact, this was brought up in several televised interviews with Whitaker. His response was generally the same. He would say that since Cosby had avoided conviction, it was not worth mentioning in the book.

That was the first step. The second step happened after the First Annual Comedy Lifetime Achievement Award and after the biography praising Bill Cosby life. What happened is the start of speculations that new television programs were in the works designed to elevate Bill Cosby from a celebrate to an icon status that would cement him in the history books of American culture for eternity.

That was when the women who he had violated could no longer stay silent, and they started to come forward one after the other.

The point is, Bill Cosby, as popular and beloved as he was, could not stand up to the scrutiny and personal evaluation required to go from a celebrity status to an Icon status.

No position or job is more iconic as President of the United States. Hillary does not pass the scrutiny and personal evaluation as well. That which has crashed Bill Cosby's career is also about to destroy Hilary Clinton's career.

It has been an open secret in the Clinton camp for decades that Webb Hubble is Chelsea Clinton biological father.

We had our suspicions during Bill Clinton's presidency that his only daughter did not look anything like him. We figured, at the time, that maybe Bill and/or Hillary were late-bloomers and that, if a photo of how either Hillary or Bill looked when they were longer surfaced, then we would see that a young Bill Clinton or a young Hillary Rodham might have some resemblance to Chelsea Clinton.

But Chelsea has a different shape of head, nose, mouth, and chin to be Bill Clinton's daughter. And, as time went on, as she grew, she looked less and less like the man who we assumed was her biological father and more like a dead ringer to Hillary's partner at the Rose Law Firm, Webb Hubble.

I do not like writing about supposition or theories unless there is a good chance that what I am writing is true. There is a good chance what I am writing is true (and I will address the idea of it not being true later here). My personal experience has been that I can always see a family resemblance in the facial features of a girl and her father. I remember how my brother and his wife were in their college years and when I look at their college-age daughters now I can see clearly how their faces look like a morph of their parents when they were their age. I am sure everyone who is reading this can think of examples. But this is also true with famous people. There is no doubt who Tory Spelling's father was. There is no doubt who is the father and mother of Jamie Leigh Curtis.

Part of the reason why I think this is true is because I first heard the rumor not from Republicans or the Tea Party or Right-Wing Pundits. I heard it from sources close to the Clintons:

Gennifer Flowers, a long-time mistress, has stated that Bill Clinton told her that Webb Hubble was Chelsea Clinton's biological father. She has even stated that, to her surprise, Bill asked her if she could think of someone who could help father a child with Hillary since Bill and Hillary were having some difficulty. Larry Nicholes, a long-time Clinton aid, has said in interviews that Bill Clinton told him that he (Clinton) was sterile. When asked about Chelsea, Clinton tole Nicholes that “Webb Hubble sired her”. Historian Dave Martin says that undisputed evidence and belief has been around for a long time. Journalist Chris Ruddy has stated that the fact that Webb Hubble is Chelsea's biological father has been an open secret in Arkansas for decades.

If Bill Clinton is physically incapable of fathering a child (Nicholes told him this is a fact, after Nicholes asked Bill what to do about a paternity charge a woman was making), then what more proof do you need that the rumors are true?

What about the fact that it is obvious? If you show photos to an unbiased impartial person of the four: Webb Hubble, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton and Hillary, they will state it is beyond doubt that Webb is Chelsea's father. Just try it.

What about the fact that Chelsea seems to acknowledge it? If Chelsea thought the rumors were not true and wanted to deflect any suspicions, she would not have named her daughter “Charlotte” which is not only recognized as the name of a city North Carolina but it happens to be the city where Webb Hubble is living.

I told a number of my Liberal friends that I was not going to post this particular blog on ArgueMax until I found out what Chelsea Clinton's blood type is. Today people tend to believe that the only way to determine paternity is by doing a DNA test. This is not true. I have learned from the days when I worked for the military that blood type can be used to determine paternity.

This is where my investigation and preparation for this blog gets interesting. There are a number of web sites that list a catalog of statistics about celebrities. For some reason, blood type is included in the details of the famous people listed on this web site. It seems that in some cultures, blood type is a meaningful thing. Virtually any famous person you can think of has their blood type told on these web sites. Even politicians like Hillary and Bill Clinton can be easily found online. Bill is AB Negative and Hillary is AB. But, curiously, Chelsea Clinton's blood type cannot be found. Even when I use the custom meta search engine from that uses a combination of national and international search engines, Chelsea Clinton's blood type is missing.

This is odd because – although she currently seems devoted to charitable work -- Chelsea prides herself and markets herself as a former media celebrity having had worked for NBC News as a special correspondent. She is also listed in the motion picture database,

I took my research several steps further. I called the web master of one of the celebrity catalog web sites and she told me, in no uncertain terms, that the only reason that she can think of as to why Chelsea Clinton's blood type was unobtainable is that she is hiding it for personal paternity reasons. After this, I decided to post the question on a number of websites that allows users to post questions:,, and and I posted links to those pages on the results page on the results page, Clinton Blood Type just in case I got an answer later. Next, I went directly to the source. I found that Chelsea is a frequent user of twitter. I sent her a number of tweets asking her directly what her blood type is. I never got a response. Next, I called the hospital in New York where Chelsea had her baby and told them that I worked for a web site and I explained how common it is for celebrities to allow the public to know their blood type. After being transferred a few times, the woman on the phone told me in a very stern tone that that information was not allowed to be released to a 3rd party because of HIPPA laws.

Think of this. The way Chelsea Clinton handles the information regarding her blood type is exactly as it would be if Bill was not her biological father and she had a reason for keeping this highly personal information private and from the pubic. What is more is this. The way Chelsea Clinton handles the information regarding her blood type is not at all as it would be if Bill was not her biological father since it is such a common thing for celebrity types.

I have gotten all I can regarding blood types. So I turned my attention to eye color. Hillary's eyes are brown. Bill's eyes are a light blue with a slight greenish hew. Chelsea's eyes are gray. They are gray like polished stainless steel. As seen in this photo where it is obvious that her eye color matches the gray coat she is wearing.

As a side note, I would like to add here that Hillary Clinton has been lately wearing light blue contact lenses thus concealing her brown eye color. It is not far-fetched to assume that this is an attempt to have her eyes match Chelsea's eye color which does not match Hillary's or Bill's.

Now, I admit, that at first glance, light bluish-green looks a lot like steel-gray. One has to look at several photos and videos of Bill Clinton to see clearly that his eye color does not match Chelsea's.

Still, without a clear up-close photo of Web Hubble I was reluctant to post this blog. Here is the photo I found. It is a good head-shot of Hubble that he posed for a book he wrote:

It is a match. Webb Hubble's eyes are not blue, they are not light blue, they are not light blue-green. They are steel-gray. They are exactly like Chelsea Clinton's

I went further in my research and I asked a a genetic specialists what the odds were that Web Hubbard is Chelsea's biological father. At first he told me that brown eyes are dominate so it is unlikely that Hillary's parents would have had the eye color that Chelsea has. After I told him the eye color of all four persons, he told me, “Webb Hubble is Chelsea's biological father”. There was not a percentage he gave me. It was as if saying it was 100% true was not true enough. In his mind, it was simply a fact. There is no need to put a percentage on reality.

Plastic Surgery
Hillary loyalists who are not aware of this information seem to want to believe that there is some resemblance between Chelsea and Bill. I tell them to look at the photos of Chelsea prior to her plastic surgery. Chelsea has had some work done recently on her nose and chin – seemingly to look more like Bill. I did not have to divulge the information that is practically public knowledge that Webb and Hillary had an affair after each were married to other people. It is so widely accepted that web sites that categorize pairings of famous people list three for Hillary Clinton. One was before she married Bill and Webb Hubble is cited as one she had after she married Bill Clinton.

Even with the plastic surgery, there is more encoded in the DNA than just physical appearance. Chelsea has the same mannerisms and expressions that Webb Hubbard has. This pout-like scowl that Hubble has seems unique to him and Chelsea.

The internet is full of images and comparisons between Webb and Chelsea. If you show an unbiased and impartial group pf persons photos of Chelsea prior to her plastic surgery and then show them this following photo of Webb Hubble and Bill Clinton together, ten times out of ten, they will pick Webb Hubble as Chelsea's father.

A key factor is that this information is a piece of the puzzle that makes Bill Clinton's strange and reckless behavior over the years finally make sense. It makes everything add up. If Bill Clinton is infertile, it explains why he chased countless women. It seems now to have been an attempt to fill a void he has in his soul for being unable to be a father.

It also explains Hillary's strange behavior in not telling Bill that she was pregnant at first. Bill Clinton learned that Hillary was pregnant after Hillary's doctor had given a press conference.

It Once happened to Me
When we were living in Silicon Valley, a co-worker of mine was desperately trying to have a baby. She was something of a “free spirit” and there was something wrong with the fertility of her boy friend. She approached me asking me if I could be a donor for her. No one had ever asked me something like this before and I never imagined ever being asked. So I asked some friends what they thought about it and they told me not to do it. They said that they had heard of some legal cases where an unmarried woman found herself unable to financially support her kids and the judge had ruled that the sperm donor was on the hook for financial support.

So I turned down the offer.

But here is an important point. It was never even imagined that I would have sex with my friend. It was always assumed by everybody that it would be done in a clinical environment.

This is not the case with Webb and Hillary. It is clear that all this happened nefariously with Hillary cheating on Bill. The common accepted mantra that Hillary is a victim and a hero is a myth.

By the way, my friend opted to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest fertility treatments and had beautiful twin daughters with her mate. It was not the cheapest option but, in the long run, it was the best option.

Playing the Devil's Advocate

Let's assume, for a moment, that my conclusions in this blog are all wrong. Let's assume that, by some strange magic, the Clinton family structure is how we had assumed it is. If this is the case, than this makes Hillary look 100 times WORSE. First of all, since Bill Clinton is the primary source of this information against Hillary, this would mean that Hillary's own husband is unforgivably diabolical against her and this is an even more disgusting stain against Hillary. Secondly, if all this is untrue, then this disqualifies her to be president of the United States since it shows a glaringly dysfunctional management style. She should have done something decades ago to seize the rumors.

Why This Matters
Hillary apologists have told me that this does not matter if it is true. They have said it is ancient history. The fact that it is ancient history is part of the reason why, in fact, all this actually does matter. If this is true, and, come on, it is true, it means that Hillary is from a different era of swingers, free love, and it being OK for a woman to screw her way to the top of a law firm. Hillary is simply from a different era and no longer is representative of the American culture of today.

But that is not even the worse part. As president, Hillary is the face of our Republic presented to the world. She is our representative. She is whom we have collectively decided best represents us. This is bad.

Let me put it this way, if American business and policy makes went to Brazil and found that the president of Brazil (whom I might add has already been once a woman – so much for your proverbial "glass ceiling") had a child with another man other than her husband, our enthusiasm and interest in doing business with the government of Brazil would be tarnished. How could we trust the president of Brazil if her own husband cannot trust her? How could we trust the country of Brazil, as a whole, of the population had carelessly, and with blind disregard, voted her into office?

This would be how the world would view and evaluate the United States if Hillary became president.

It matters for another reason. Since Hillary's record in The Senate, and in The State Department is dismal and disappointing, her supporters have turned to the idea that Hillary is a champion of woman's rights. As Secretary of State, she was a globe trotter and outspoken advocate for women all over the world. She presented herself as some sort of role model and almost a Mother Teresa-like character. This image is now obliterated and we are left with nothing to admire and idolize her for.

All this also means that what the detractors have been saying about Hillary all along has been true. This is proof that she is not the same person in private and in realty as she appears to be in public.

We should not have a different set of rules for Gary Hart, Bill Cosby and Hillary Clinton. Hillary's supporters who are passionate about fair and equal treatment for women are obligated to denounce her as a candidate for president.

Be Part of the Real Revolution
We live in the Information Age. The kinds of false imagery and presentation techniques that have worked for the Clintons in the past, should not work today. They should not get away with what they used to get away with. Hillary supporters like to chant the sound byte, “be part of the revolution”. But the real revolution is to NOT support Hillary Clinton for president. Her failure is a triumphant success for the United States. It will mean logic, reason, and rational thought has triumphed over schmooze, theater, and superficial salesmanship.